About us

We are Sonia and Rafaela, in 2020 we created lolla, a project born from the desire to make our Land known through flavors, scents and sounds of nature. Our desire is that every person can close their eyes and feel themselves in Sardinia.

We love nature, good food and the traditions of our Land.

After many years living in different parts of the world, we chose to return to Sardinia. Every time we had to leave again, the sadness was too strong as was the sense of bittersweet nostalgia in saying goodbye to the sea. When we returned, hearing again the sounds of nature and the wind carrying the scent of the Mediterranean scrub was like suddenly having found the place of our heart.

At some point we realized that Sardinia is the only place we want to live. The Earth as in childhood called us back to it. Now we are finally home.